Pet Pics of Long Beach

Where Pet Photography and Art Meet.™

We love pets, and we love art, so one day when we were taking photos of our own fantastic cats we thought, "Why not put the two together?" 

And thus, PetPics was born.

We are a boutique pet photography service located in Culver City, California. Our business is founded on the idea that each little furry darling we photograph is a unique spirit, and it is our job to not only beautifully capture their image on film, but also to communicate their funny, joyful, sometimes deep, but always complex, personalities!

We specialize in candid and artistic location shoots of all kinds of pets, including exotics, and also offer portraits and posed "family photos, " taken in-studio or at your home. We complete our photo editing in-house, and offer specialized photo-finishing as well!

Please contact us for a free consultation, we have digital photography packages starting at just $99 an hour!

Pet Pics of Los Angeles, 1234 Woof St, Los Angeles, CA* / 310-555-5564
*This business and site arfictitious, and are for demonstrative purposes only
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